GQ - How to Build a Better Bachelor Party (Part 2)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Photo: Danielle Levitt for GQ

"How many more chances are you going to have to get dudes from all chapters of your life together... Embrace the bachelor party, but use your imagination. Maybe that will involve surfboards or 237 beers while playing Skee-Ball. But no matter what, your friends should get a little drunker than they ought to and someone should do something he wishes he hadn't."

Highlights for rules #12 to 22 from the GQ article "How to Build a Better Bachelor Party":

RULE No. 14
IF YOU'RE GOING TO TRY TO GET INTO A CLUB WITH TEN DUDES, FOR CHRISSAKES, HAVE A PLAN.» Trying to get into a hotel club? Book a dinner reservation at the hotel restaurant and ask the maitre d' to get you in. Or rely on your limo driver's amazing connections and tip him handsomely. Be creative.

GQ - How to Build a Better Bachelor Party

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Photo: Danielle Levitt for GQ

Should it be any surprise that GQ Magazine, the supposed arbiter of men's style, would pen a piece on planning a bachelor party? In the May 2009 edition, the witty article "How to Build a Better Bachelor Party" offers 22 classic rules to follow for a "douche-baggery-free weekend of male bonding no one involved will forget - or regret."

RULE No. 1
ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN» "Have a least one organized activity planned or you'll end up huddled around a laptop surfing YouTube all weekend. Note: Halo 3 is not an organized activity." Also remember to rely on LastBash to organize the bachelor bash (alright, maybe we added this last part).

RULE No. 2
TURN OFF THE SPICE CHANNEL» No explanation needed...


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