GQ - How to Build a Better Bachelor Party

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Photo: Danielle Levitt for GQ

Should it be any surprise that GQ Magazine, the supposed arbiter of men's style, would pen a piece on planning a bachelor party? In the May 2009 edition, the witty article "How to Build a Better Bachelor Party" offers 22 classic rules to follow for a "douche-baggery-free weekend of male bonding no one involved will forget - or regret."

RULE No. 1
ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN» "Have a least one organized activity planned or you'll end up huddled around a laptop surfing YouTube all weekend. Note: Halo 3 is not an organized activity." Also remember to rely on LastBash to organize the bachelor bash (alright, maybe we added this last part).

RULE No. 2
TURN OFF THE SPICE CHANNEL» No explanation needed...

RULE No. 5
AT SOME POINT, THERE'S GOING TO BE A GROUP CHECK» "You will spend more than you planned. Accept that and budget accordingly." Make sure everybody is on board 'coz nobody likes getting stiffed, especially by friends.

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RULE No. 7
DO SOMETHING YOU'D DO EVEN IF YOU WEREN'T GETTING MARRIED» Your bachelor party is the perfect opportunity/excuse for you to do something you've always wanted to do with the boys (but your girlfriend now fiancee would never let the leash out enough for you to do it before).

RULE No. 8
NO DADS ALLOWED» "It’s July 1993, and I’m standing in a Jersey Shore hotel ballroom with two dozen 25-year-old football types... Immediately after I’m put in the banquet chair, I realize that two things are being being offered to me through a fog of apple body spray (and one being taken away): The first is a sip off a cold Heineken. The second, arched just above it like a tiny ski jump: a woman’s nipple. The thing I lost? My dignity, the moment I looked to my right and saw my dad watching."

RULE No. 9
GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT - BEFORE YOU GO HOME» "I don't care how blitzed you are before you call it a night, or how hungover everybody is on Sunday morning. You decide together what you're going to tell the ladies when you get home. And, most important, no one - absolutely no one - can cave, because then you all get f*cked. Which is definitely not what happened during the bachelor party weekend. Right?"

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