How to Plan the Best Bachelorette Party

Friday, February 12, 2010

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Planning a bachelorette party may seem daunting for a maid of honor, but like many things in life, success is 90% preparation and only 10% inspiration. More simply put, planning ahead will save you from a lot of unnecessary stress. Soliciting ideas from the other bridesmaids doesn't hurt either. To help you organize a send-off that properly celebrates the end of your best friend's single life, we've put together a handy checklist:

1. What the bride wants
Every bride is unique - some may be looking to paint the town red while others prefer a little R&R on a girls’ getaway. Some are more comfortable with G-rated while others want to take a walk on the wide side. So be sure to ask her what she wants, or more importantly, what she doesn’t want.

2. Putting together the guest list
It’s the people who make the party so you’ll need a great group of fun-lovin' gals for the last bash. Start with the bridal party and the bride’s closest friends. Also include family and friends you know the bride will be excited to let her hair down with.

3. Choosing a date
Finding a date and time that works for everybody on the guest list is near impossible so a time that is convenient for most guests is plenty good. Do take into consideration the bride's dress fittings and her many pre-wedding commitments. Try to schedule the bachelorette party at least a couple weeks in advance of the wedding so it doesn’t get in the way of the big day.

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4. Picking a location
Remember the age old saying “location, location, location?” Sure, you can have the last bash in the bride’s hometown, but if at all possible, why not make a getaway weekend out of it at one of the top bachelorette party destinations. After all, this is the bride’s last chance as a single woman to celebrate with pals from all chapters of her life.

5. Deciding on a theme
Consider having a theme for the bachelorette party - it'll not only tie the event together from start to end but also add a little spice. From Sex and the City, Disco Inferno, Hee Haw to the beloved Spa Party, the sky's the limit on how creative the theme can be. No matter what you go with, don't forget to throw in a little naughtiness to make the bachelorette blush.

6. Spreading the word
These days are all about “reduce, reuse, recycle” so leave the letterpressing for the bride’s big day. Instead, use to create an electronic invitation that’s gentle on the wallet and easy for guests to RSVP (email and evite are so 1999). Include all the key bash details – bachelorette’s name, date, time, location and your contact phone number and/or email. Feel free to roast the bachelorette with a few creative lines. If you’re planning a destination bash, remember to send the invite out early so guests have plenty of time to coordinate their trip.

7. Determining the budget
Are the guests up for staying at a luxury hotel, eating at fancy restaurants and getting pampered with spa treatments? Or would some prefer the BYOB/potluck route? Make sure expectations on how much the party will cost each person are set appropriately so that no ugly surprises pop up later to put a damper on the festivities. And just because you're organizing the party doesn't mean you have to shoulder the financial burden yourself. Most guests understand they'll need to chip in.

8. Planning the activities and games
Will it be a day of mani-pedis and body wraps? Or will it be a night of Jell-O shots and exotic male dancers? A five-course prix-fixe or pizza and beer? A scavenger hunt or truth or dare? A karaoke session or a pole dancing lesson? The activities and games you can plan are endless. But no matter what you choose, it's about roasting the bride. Embarrass her a little or make her blush a lot. If all goes right, this will be a last bash she'll be all too happy to reminisce but not relive.

9. Arranging the transportation
What's a bachelorette party without overindulging on alcoholic libations? Therefore, think about how guests will get from point A to point B. You can ask for designated driver volunteers, but who really wants that responsibility. Better yet, book a chauffeured limo or bus to take the gals around town. If the bash is happening during prom season or over the summer when demand for limos are high, do reserve as early as you can.

10. Bringing bachelorette party accessories
Whether it's terrorizing the town or partying at someone's house, have the bachelorette properly decked out on her big night out. Decorate her with a naughty veil or a sparkly tiara. Wrap her in a glittering sash or a feather boa. Adorn her with bling bling or bite-me candy necklaces. Join in the fun yourself with tees or buttons with catchy slogans like "last fling before the ring."

Now that the planning is all done, get ready to have a blast!


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