How to Plan the Best Bachelor Party

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Inner Fire by jonathanatha

You may have been your best friend's wing man throughout his single life, but now that he's about to get hitched, you've been anointed his ring man (aka best man). With the title comes the unenviable responsibility of planning the bachelor party, an event almost as anticipated as the wedding day itself, if not more so (at least by the boys). Getting a bunch of the guys together without a plan simply won't do, as we all know how quickly that devolves into utter mayhem.

To help you orchestrate the ultimate last bash for all to remember, here's a handy checklist to consider:

1. Consult the groom
As the best man, you probably already know whether the groom prefers golf or paintball, Steakhouse or Asian Fusion, strip club or dance club, Las Vegas or Vail. Even so, it doesn't hurt to consult him on what he may want, and more importantly, what he does not want. Nothing is as much of a buzz kill to a bachelor party as a rude surprise. After all, he should have fun at a party thrown in his honor.

2. Prepare the guest list
More is not always merrier, particularly when it comes to bachelor parties. It's not hard to imagine what happens when you have a few too many dudes in the bash... Do include the groomsmen, good buds from school and perhaps co-workers or anyone on the bride's side the groom would like in attendance. And no matter what, absolutely no dads allowed (see Rule No. 8 in GQ's article "How to Build a Bachelor Party")! To make sure you don't leave out anyone important, run your final list by the groom.

3. Pick a date
Common sense would dictate that you not schedule the bachelor party the night before the wedding or even the week before for that matter. Hangovers and black eyes, not to mention jail time, do not mix well with the wedding day. Throwing the last bash at least a month prior to the big day is a good rule of thumb. Pick a date that best accommodates those who really want to join in the fun.

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4. Decide home game or away game
If tossing back drinks at a local bar is the game, then the planning part should be a piece of cake. But if your goal is to make the last bash truly unforgettable, then consider taking the show on the road. Las Vegas, Montreal, or the Big Easy are just a few of the top bachelor party destinations that offer all the debauchery the groom needs to close out his single days in style.

5. Get a headcount
Coordinating a bachelor party is much simpler once you know how many people are coming. But just because a guest is invited doesn't means he's attending. So definitely use LastBash to send out an electronic invitation asking the boys to RSVP (evite or email are so 1999). Send it at least 6 weeks out if the bash requires traveling. And be sure to include all the key bash details - bachelor's name, date, time, location and your contact phone number and/or email.

6. Calculate the budget
It is a simple fact that not everyone will be willing to spend the same amount. You'll have to find the delicate balance between not leaving people behind and not being too economical. Survey the group on their comfort level, and set expectations early on regarding how much the bash will cost per person (it goes without saying that the bachelor does not pay). To the extent the high rollers are willing to contribute more than their share, so much the better. If at all possible, collect the necessary funds up front so you're not having to foot the bill with your own pocketbook.

8. Plan the activities
With the guest count and budget in hand, start making the necessary arrangements in advance. Definitely get the other groomsmen to help. Book the hotel accommodations and make your dinner reservations. Set up your tee times and schedule your spa treatments (just making sure you're paying attention). Arrange for VIP entry at nightclubs and call ahead to strip clubs (they'll often waive the cover charge). Buy the brewskis and order the munchies - parched and hungry are not good combos for bachelor parties. Just remember to not over-schedule the day; you'll want the bachelor well prepped for the evening soiree.

9. Arrange the transportation
Bachelor parties and drunkenness go hand in hand so why stick someone with the lousy role of designated driver. Have the boys pony up for a limo to transport you rowdy bunch so that you're wondering what else to drink rather than how much you've drank. Reserve the limo in advance so teenage prom goers don't snatch your ride.

10. Grease the wheel
To help the bachelor bash extravaganza run more smoothly, kindly notify the venues you'll be hitting up that your group is a bachelor party. This courtesy will let them know what to expect and perhaps be more tolerant of the naughty behavior the bachelor may engage in. Slipping a little extra cash to the maƮtre d, club host/hostess or the limo driver when you first arrive doesn't hurt either and is likely to score you guys some special treatment.

Once the planning is done and the party is in full gear, kick back and knock down a nice cold beer. You certainly deserve it!


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