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Monday, February 22, 2010

bachelorette party serenade: 2 by Ashley Claire

Girls just want to have fun, and one last slumber party simply isn't enough. Take a look at some of our best ideas for spicing up the bachelorette party. The bride will no doubt recount her last bash as the second best night of her life (second after her wedding night of course).

1. Pamper Yourselves
Is there a better place for the girls to be girly than at a spa? From massages and body wraps to mani-pedis and facials, a day at a local spa or a weekend getaway at a destination spa will have the girls relaxed and rejuvenated prior to the bride's big day. Alternatively, consider a yoga retreat that'll not only rebalance your bodies but also reenergize your minds.

2. Poker Face
Love the thrill of the dice in your hand? Or want to bluff with the best of them? Put on your poker face and head to a casino for a rendezvous with Lady Luck. Vegas anyone? Play some cards, catch a show, grab a fancy bite and hit the clubs – the bachelorette party will be a definite blast.

3. Tickets to Paradise
Take the last bash to the beach (or pool) if sun, sand and chaise lounges are all that's needed to make a paradise. If you can all do it, why not make it a weekend vacay? There's no better excuse to do so than for a bachelorette party. Sip tropical drinks and lounge in paradise - what a perfect way to celebrate the bride's last single days.

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4. Drink and Be Merry
With picturesque rolling vineyards in Napa, Santa Barbara, Long Island, Willamette Valley and elsewhere, go wine tasting from vineyards to vineyards for a day. Or have your own local tasting party of wine, scotch, tequila or anything of your choosing with guests each bringing their own. Sample each bottle blindly like a connoisseur, and getting tipsy is now a special affair.

5. The Great Outdoors
Is the bride more thrills than frills? Skip the froufrou drinks, and work up a sweat instead. Take the slumber party to the wild with a camping trip. Hit the slopes and apr├Ęs-ski on a ski expedition. Or perhaps learn to hang ten on a surf board in a faraway beach.

6. Dress to Impress
If the bachelorette party plan is to have a wild night out, dress up in a way so the world knows it’s your best friend's last night out. Fluffy ears and button tails (playboy bunnies); flannel miniskirt and knee-high socks (naughty school girls); red horns and red mini dress (lil’ devils); or high heels and sparkly sequin dress (movie stars) – your group of girls will surely dazzle the crowd.

7. Dirty Dancing
The bachelorette party is the perfect occasion to try something daring so why not add erotic dancing to your moves? Hire an instructor to show you and your gal pals the provocative art of pole dancing. Add to the fun by dressing the part. The bride will soon have new tricks to show her man while the rest of you sex kittens can show off at the clubs.

8. American Idol
If the bride-to-be loves watching American Idol and singing in the showers, karaoke is just the perfect play. A couple beers will have even those who are a little shy crooning Like a Virgin or White Wedding on the stage. No matter how silly your renditions may be, the lip-synching acts will be a riot for all.

9. Disco Fever
If the bride’s iPod playlist reads something like “Funkytown,” “Celebration,” and “Stayin’ Alive,” it’s time to put on your bell bottoms, strap on the platform shoes and shake your groove thing to disco fever. Cutting a rug in groovy 70’s outfits with your gal pals will definitely bring the group together like a family.

10. Get Crafty
If the bride's alter ego is Martha Stewart, then organize a bachelorette bash that will let her show off her artistic vision. Reserve time at a design studio where the gals can create their own jewelry. Schedule a craft class to learn new skills - candle making, sewing and knitting or even screen-printing. Be sure to bring in treats to indulge in as you each let your creative juices flow.

11. It’s in the Stars
Want to know what the future holds? A psychic bachelorette party is the way to go. Tarot cards, astrology, numerology or palm reading, the psychic reader will give the group a sneak peek into the crystal ball. If there ever is a party that will be full of surprises and have the gals talking long after, this is it. Now, which tarot cards will turn up in your spread?

12. Scavenger Hunt
No matter how bubbly or reserved the bride (and guests) may be, the scavenger hunt is a wonderful way to get the bachelorette to do things she wouldn't typically undertake. Whether she scrounges for mementos or performs some dares, an awesome to-do list will make for a memorable day. Be sure to take pictures so she can have a good laugh throughout her married days.


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