Food as the “Thrill” of the Bachelor / Bachelorette Party

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Istvan Banyal for NYTimes 

Just in time for peak Bachelor & Bachelorette Party season, The New York Times published the article "Food Is the Thrill at Some Bachelor Parties". Instead of the typical steak and stripper formula, more bachelors and bachelorettes are opting for the "thrills" of an extravagant meal instead.

Some make pilgramages to temples of gastronomy such as Per Se and WD in New York, Coi in San Francisco, Guy Savoy in Vegas and Alinea in Chicago, where the restaurants prepare decadent tasting menus and wine pairings. Others roll up their sleeves and make the elaborate meals themselves. Either way, food - rather than activities that are best forgotten, or at least denied - is the focal point for making the culinary bachelor / bachelorette party a night to remember.

To read more of the article, click here. And be sure to check out the LastBash City Guides, in which we highlight the best restaurants (as well as hotels, nightlife, spas, golf courses and activities) for your bachelor / bachelorette party.


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