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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Hangover

The Hangover is smart, gross, dark, crude, hilarious and obnoxious (or any other adjective you want to add on), but like any Hollywood story, the movie doesn't paint the full picture about bachelor parties. Leave it to Cosmopolitan to show you the truth behind the hype with the article, 10 Things You Didn't Know About Bachelor Parties, by Robin Hilmantel. And FYI, these "truths" are just as applicable to a bachelorette party...

1. Getting in on the fun. Bachelor party strippers say it's not the groom-to-be who usually cheats. His married friends are more likely to cross that line.

2. Unwelcome guests. The groom-to-be's biggest pet peeve? When his overly concerned fiancĂ©e — or her maid of honor — shows up at the party unexpectedly.

5. Shame on them. Bachelor parties aren't all about naked women — they're also about humiliating the groom-to-be. Case-in-point: At one party, a stripper dressed as a dominatrix tied the bachelor up...then, just as he was looking forward to a private lap dance, she applied makeup to his face.

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6. Make the shame on us. Women are more likely than men to go home with someone they meet at a wild bachelor(ette) party.

8. Butt out. 75 percent of people think the bride-to-be should have no say in planning her groom's bachelor party.

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