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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

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In our effort to further simplify the bash planning process so you and your friends can focus on having fun, we've released a feature that makes managing group expenses a snap – the Group Expense Wizard. The Group Expense Wizard enables you and your bash participants to easily track the amounts participants have paid for group activities and then split the group expenses fairly and efficiently.

You know the drill – after all the fun had been had at your the group event / trip, somebody - most likely you - is tasked with figuring out how much people owe and whom to pay. You need to track down the expenses incurred, figure out who participated in each activity and then put together a complicated spreadsheet to split  up the expenses. More simply put, divvying up group expenses after a bash is usually a logistical nightmare!

This is where the Group Expense Wizard comes in. Using this tool, any bash participant can add a group expense to the bash, whether the expense is for dinner, drinks or whatever fun activities your group planned. When you add an expense, you can indicate who paid for it and choose how to allocate the expense (evenly or by different amounts for different participants).

Each time an expense is added, the Group Expense Wizard automagically calculates how much each person owes and who he/she needs to pay. You can also view breakdowns by expense or by guest so you can verify that expenses are being shared fairly. When all the expenses have been added to the Group Expense Wizard, click on the Settle Tab link to lock the calculation. Your friends will have no excuse for not settling up!

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