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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Ultimate Bridesmaid's Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunt

Planning a bachelorette party can be stressful and finding inspiration and ideas isn't as simply as you might think. While there are tons of amazing wedding blogs out there, very few focus on pre-wedding parties and everything a bridesmaid needs to know. Enter Ultimate Bridesmaid, your go-to resource for everything from the bridal shower to the wedding day toast, with all the tips and tools for the other women in the wedding – the bridesmaids.

If you’re planning a bar crawl for a bachelorette party, spice up the night with a scavenger hunt. It's a little like truth or dare (without the truth part) with some found objects thrown in. You can customize a list for your group, or use our handy printable version above. And make sure you take a picture as you check each item off the list (for proof and posterity!).

Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Find a guy with the same name as the groom and get him to snap a picture with the bride. +1 for each guy you find.
  • Find a penny from the year the bride was born. +1
  • If the bride’s from out of state, meet someone from her home state. (+1) Add an extra point if he or she is from her home town.
  • If you’re in the bride’s home town, find people who went to the same high school/grade school as her. (+1) Add additional points if they were actually in her class.
  • Find another bachelorette or bachelor party. Ask the brides-to-be or bride- and groom-to-be to pose together. +1
  • Ask the bartender to come up with a special drink that is “the bride’s drink.” Then start talking the drink up around the bar and convince strangers to order it by name (i.e. I’ll have The Amanda). +1 for each person who orders it.
  • Designate “the bride’s song” for the night. Get the DJ to play it at each bar. All attendees must sing. +1 each time the song is played. Double points if they play it twice in the same bar! Triple points if you develop a choreographed dance that you all do to the song.
  • Find objects that unintentionally resemble the male anatomy…you know what! +1 each.
  • Collect marriage advice. Ask people to write their advice on a napkin. If you want this to get naughtier, change this to advice for the wedding night. Target really drunk people for the best answers. +1 for each napkin you collect.
  • Pick a distinctive characteristic about the groom. Maybe he has a mustache, red hair, or always wears a shirt from his favorite college team. Now hunt down groom look-alikes. The bride must approve your choice, then snap a picture for later comparison. +1 for each look-alike you find.
  • Collect a coaster from each bar or a napkin signed by the bartender. +1 each
  • The bride needs to be carried across the threshold into every bar. Try to recruit a stranger to do the job, but in a pinch someone in your group can carry her in. You only score +1 when a stranger does the job though! 
Feel free to modify the list to make the challenges more risque if your group is daring, and be sure to add a few special touches that are particular to the bride.

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